Our History

Saung Group is a form of joint venture founded by three young people on 22 November 2010, plans to establish Saung Group is actually blaze about two months before the date of establishment in a Mobile Counter  with the name Saung Cell. Due to limited capital owned, new on November 22, the Saung Group was established with a minimum investment owned by their respective average by dividing the amount of funds spent.
Saung Group Name taken from a Mobile Counter above, but because of the collective agreement will work on two other businesses so it's will be named Saung Group. The three plots, which are engaged in the sale of electronic voucher and the other (Counter HP), the field of internet and computer rental service as well as in the field of fisheries (Freshwater Fish Cultivation).
To Counter HP we (Saung Group) in addition to selling pulses, serving also service all brands of mobile phones including Chinese brand, receiving electrical pulses agents, buying and selling HP, Accessories and others like as counter in general. For internet and computer rental services (cafe) in addition to providing a place to surf fun, serving also computers services (Up-grade, new computer sales, typing services, photo printing and provide free learning for school children around the Saung Group), while in the field of fisheries at this time we only work on fish rearing African catfish until ready to sell (catfish broiler).
Objective of establishing this common form of business in general is to meet local needs for goods and services we provide and in the long run is to increase the community's economy around and to help the government program to reduce unemployment, especially for youth around the neighborhood Saung Group. Another aim is to develop freshwater fish cultivation paddies surrounding land since we are not productive for rice because it is a flood area, but it is also a good market share in the field of fisheries, especially for fish species African catfish, tilapia and catfish good in itself or in the region of Bandung Regency other.
For the sake of smoothness in running this business, given the capital owned is still minimal, while the mathematical calculation of capital to develop the three arable fields are large enough, now we have decided to cooperate with several investors who are interested in working on our business. Cooperation with these investors was limited to investment funds and sharing the results of operations performed by the system fixed percentage each month in accordance with the amount of funds invested and in certain contract period, other than enter into an agreement with investors, we also build a relationship with the Government of the start village, District arrive at the district level in order to obtain information and guidance related to the cultivated fields, especially in the field of fisheries.
Location Saung Group in agricultural areas with natural objec countryside that is not too crowded with the expanse of paddies surrounding it. With the situation in such a location when used as a commercial fishery is very nice and not too worried about the availability of water in this area, especially considering that we made the pool area was always pooled although water in the dry season and with a floating net that our technique can minimize concerns apply in the event of flooding.
With the establishment of Saung Group is expected to become a pilot project for local communities to follow our footsteps in starting a business form, especially for the young people who have the desire to jump in the field that as we run today.
So a little travel story Saung Group, may be an inspiration for those of you who want to engage the business world and have their own business. If there are comments and suggestions please leave your comments, from our great appreciation for those of you who leave comments for us as a material for us to be more wise in the future, do not forget creative greetings from Saung Group. thank you

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